3 Big Questions

  • DaveKayak

    David Stevens

      Does life have a spiritual dimension? Definitely! In fact, I think life is really in and of Spirit, God. The material dimension is merely an educated limited point of view, something the human mind made up. But we all have a natural sense that …

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  • Rutendo Sun

    Rutendo Urenje

    I believe God fearfully and most wonderfully created me to love. Does life have a spiritual dimension? Life is a complex word to define and to simply say it is a state of being or being animate is to over simplify what it really is …

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  • RSchaper

    Richard Schaper

      Does life have a spiritual dimension? Without a spiritual dimension life would be flat. We live in time, in space, and also in spirit, which is the third dimension. Spirit is the dimension of meaning, of quality, that gives life its fullness. The spiritual …

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