Welcome to “Dude You Are On To Me” (aka “Dude”)!

Over the years, as a school teacher and as a school principal, I have had many of my former students and their friends ask me the “big questions” about life’s purpose and meaning.

There are 3 Big Questions which I have encountered most often and they are as follows:

1. Does life have a spiritual dimension?
2. Do you think life has a purpose?
3. What is your purpose in life?

I have always felt uncomfortable to take on these big questions simply because they are far too large and expansive in scope for one particular human viewpoint. I have always felt that these big questions were more deserving of a wide and more diverse perspective.

The wider and more diverse the better. This diversity of opinions and viewpoints is what I would like to build as the founder and editor of this website.


About the Big Questions

My objective with this “Dude” website is to showcase a diversity of answers in order to better serve the diversity of young people around the world who have demonstrated a curiosity about the “big questions”.

I have been fortunate to have taught in schools that represent a wide and diverse cultural and economic demographic. I have taught school in New York’s inner-city, in Harlem and the South Bronx. I have also taught at schools in England, in post communist Lithuania, in hyperinflation ridden and economically devastated Zimbabwe, and in the pleasant and scenic sanctuary of a hill station school near the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

The geographic locations, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities of the young people I have encountered have varied widely.

Nevertheless, there has been a common consistency a unifying constancy and an unending curiosity in their yearning to grapple with the meta-perspectives of life and existence which the classroom routine does not adequately provide answers for. This sometimes leads them to seek answers or to satiate their curiosity in unique and innovative ways.

I would like to tell you the story of one such quest.


The northern India region where The Doon School is located.

How this website title came about…

Some years ago, I was visiting a cluster of schools and teaching classes at The Doon School in the hill station of Dehra Dun in northern India.

Two young boys in one of my classes recited to me the story of their recent interfaith experiment: One was a Hindu and the other was a Christian and they had decided to visit and attend a service at each other’s temple and church, respectively. The Christian boy attended the Hindu boy’s local temple service. Some days later, the Hindu boy attended the Christian boy’s local church service.

Then, they compared notes and observations.

The Hindu boy enthusiastically exclaimed to his Christian friend that the part of the church service that he found “really cool” was when the priest said:

“Dude – you are on to me.”

The Christian boy thought about this for a while and suddenly realized that what the priest had actually said was to have quoted a passage from the Book of “Deuteronomy”.

When I heard this story, I determined that one day I would create a forum that celebrated and commemorated this delightful cultural misunderstanding.

Hence this website.